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I first met Veronica at a time when I was feeling detached from the ambition I once felt towards achieving my goals. I became intrigued in the coaching universe and also sought to pull the covers off of lingering interests that I’ve never had the gall to pursue. As a Public Defender, I’ve always focused on helping those in need and found deep satisfaction in helping others to see their own potential. Yet, somehow, I’ve often struggled to see and live up to my own. Long term, I aspire to be a judge and this has been a journey like no other. At times, duration and rejection have caused me to lose sight of my vision. Very quickly, Veronica has opened my eyes to different perspectives that have not only restored my mission but have given me the confidence and resolve to explore new possibilities and approaches towards self-fulfillment. Through our discussions, I’ve been able to refocus, learn and grow into a state of being that makes my head clear and my heart full. If you feel stuck or stagnant, like you have more to give, Veronica will help you discover (or rediscover) your gifts. If you feel like you’re slipping or not making progress, Veronica will bring you back to your inner warrior and make you realize that you are all you need. Allow Veronica to reintroduce you to the incredible human being that you are. You will not regret it.

Kim Bilbery
Assistant Public Defender

When I first started working with Veronica, I had lower expectations because of past experiences and preconceptions but Veronica is different. She doesn’t just provide a service she makes you feel like family and creates an environment where you feel comfort and safety that is hard to put in words. Veronica is one of the smartest, most resilient and compassionate people I know and her strength of character and spirit is inspiring.

Angela Hall
Account Manager, Spin Master

I met Veronica aka ‘Coach V’ while attending a personal branding course. She struck me as a no-nonsense type of person, strong and focused. She seemed direct, very intense and success driven. That type of personality has intimidated me in the past. One day she mentioned her personal coaching business was killing it and she wants to pay forward by taking on people who were seeking a personal coach for development. At first, I thought no way! After a few days I felt so compelled to reach out because I knew there were things holding me back from the higher performance I really desired and achieving the goals I’d set many times before. I also knew that Veronica was destined to be a big leader and influence high achievers and I wanted to be a part of greatness. I decided to contact Coach V and ask for help.

That was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; to step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to be coached by someone with a strong personality. Veronica is a fantastic listener, she’s perceptive and she takes time to help you dig and discover yourself. She has helped me to discover and reflect on my journey and to see how powerful and worthy I am of goodness. She gives me the tools to practice what I’m discovering and time to implement and adjust. Veronica doesn’t rush the process; she’s goes at a pace that will have a lasting effect on my performance for decades to come.

I am so blessed to have access to this leader who is truly changing lives and helping people discover their untapped gifts, skills and potential.

Natasha Coupland
Healthy Living Advocate

During the time that I worked with Veronica, I saw a dedication to clients, and to colleagues that I have rarely seen in business or in life.

Veronica’s loyalty to her clients was always something that I admired and something that I believe that all business professionals should aspire to. Attention to detail, availability beyond service level agreements, and an empathetic approach are qualities that Veronica lives and breathes.

One thing I do notice about Veronica is that she is the last person to tell you about her talents and skills. Her humble nature, and that she gives without expectation of reciprocity is one of her finest qualities and one that is highly suited for leadership.

I have seen her streamline processes, improve business programs and save companies millions of dollars. But it is her nurturing demeanour and her willingness to help lift others that I believe makes her an ideal coach.

Rob Abramowitz
Assistant Director, EY Canada

Business is about connections. Despite our current travel situation, we still must connect safely with consumers, customers, and constituents.

Whether you are moving your ideas, product, or person Veronica is best equipped to organize the movement of your reputation with the diligence and speed you’d expect.

Though out my career I’ve relied on her to make sure my business transactions were seamless. Veronica DELIVERED.

Not only did she make sure I was on time for work engagements, I always made it home to my growing family. In almost 6 years I never got stranded!

Put your business with Veronica and you will not be disappointed!

Chris J. Jackson
VP, Operations , Chervon Group

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