“Strength is Created in Your Mind” – Veronica Natzia’s Journey of Becoming a Successful Life Coach and Mentor

The inner makings of a successful mentor entail a strenuous journey of lessons, challenges, and obstacles that eventually mold the resilient into victors. 

Such was the case for Veronica Natzia, a globally renowned Self Development | High-Performance Coach and Mentor. Over the past decade, Veronica has guided hundreds of individuals to attain success in their lives and careers.

Veronica’s track record speaks for itself, increasing millions in net profits for her clients’ companies, building a powerful team and company cultures, and leading and mentoring organizations to scale through performance-based systems. 

By studying the habits and rituals that lead to prosperous avenues, Veronica has built performance systems to achieve success on personal and professional levels. Possessing this key, Veronica unlocks the potential laying beneath closed doors, enabling her clients to attain the results they’re searching for. 

Discover Veronica’s remarkable and distinguished decades-long journey in the business world and the three important actions you can immediately implement in your life to succeed.  

Early on in her career, Veronica observed the lifestyle and behavioral patterns that govern prosperity in one’s personal and career path. After executing these practices and witnessing the effects that changed her life, Veronica is on a mission to guide others to reach their goals and live the life they so much desire. 

A true mentor is not one that has observed from the outside and leads from what they have seen of others. A true mentor is someone who has experienced it firsthand, battled adversity head-on, and rose victorious. 

Ten years ago, Veronica found herself at the lowest point in her life; standing at a local grocery store with her two-year-old son, realizing she didn’t have the money to buy him the daily essentials needed to sustain. At this crossroad in her life, Veronica met with a life-altering decision. 

She decided she would do anything in her power to find a way. Rather than succumbing to the circumstances, Veronica took immediate action, finding the resources to change her circumstances. 

From that humble day to the present, Veronica has surpassed milestones, becoming a successful entrepreneur, working with global corporations, and coaching individuals to generate 6-figure incomes in 40k industries while holding the position of COO at Hudson-International Logistics. 

Through her journey, Veronica beautifully exemplifies the limitless possibilities standing on the other side of adversity, if only you have the courage to get there. Veronica is a true mentor that is passing on the torch that carries a flame ignited through resilience, strength, and sheer force. 

While her journey demanded hard work and perseverance, Veronica explains that the influence of mentors was a key factor in landing her where she is today. “Had it not been for some great coaches in my life,” says Veronica, “I am not sure I would be here today serving and impacting others.” 

The desire to change your life remains a desire unless calculated actions are taken. Veronica says that you have the power to take control of your life by changing your habits and your mindset. Taking action to consciously improve your daily practices lets you steer your life in the direction you want. The right guidance is imperative in making that change. 

The role of a coach is to help you gain awareness and clarity on your goals while building the confidence to take action. The right coach provides you with the path, guidance, tools, and techniques so you are always learning, growing, and moving forward. 

In bringing you closer to your goals, Veronica has three tips that can be implemented in your daily lifestyle:

1 Believe – Start your day with the One Most Powerful affirmation

You can’t change the past. You are present and you are exactly where you need to be to start moving forward. “I am at peace, I am exactly where I need to be”.

2. Visualize – Start journaling

Create a list of your life experiences in which you felt most powerful – what are the skills you used?  Those skills are your strengths – start doubling down on your strengths

3. Prioritize – “You can have everything you want in life, just not all at the same time”
Start prioritizing by focusing on the one thing that you know is the foundation to help you move forward towards achieving your desired goal.

To bring you closer to your goals, Veronica has thoughtfully developed the 7-Step Affirmation – An Action Guide to set your mind & start acting towards creating the life you are meant to live. 

To get free access to the Action Guide, visit Veronica’s website: www.veronicanatzia.com

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