SAS- Top 10 Life Coaches To Follow In 2021 For Self Development

Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through the guidance of a life coach. Here is SAS’ list of top ten Life Coaches to stay in tune with for the year ahead.

Veronica Natzia (@veronicanatzia) has created bespoke 1-on-1 coaching for individuals and corporations that have not only saved millions of dollars for her corporate clients but have also helped get women off the street and into thriving six-figure careers. A true “rags to riches” story that once saw her homeless with a child, to today with two children, owning her coaching business that provides her with the ability to impact the lives of others who may be in similar or equally as desperate times as she once lived, including the COO of Hudson- International Logistics company. Completely custom-tailored to match individual and corporate goals, she consistently over-delivers for her clients, some of whom have used her services for many years and counting. Focusing a large amount of time on struggling women, she works empathetically, to ensure that no women feel the anxiety she once had and towards fulfilling her mission to end child hunger.

“Help turn lives from just living into meaning” is her coaching approach.