My Story

I am Veronica Natzia

Self Development | High Performance coach

I am grateful you are here today allowing me to share my story with you.

Over the past 10 years I have coached and mentored hundreds of people to success in their lives and career.

I have coached people stuck in paralyzing mindsets – not aware of their true potential and afraid to take action. People who just started in their work, entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to generate higher sales and profit margins.

I have had the privilege to travel the world and work with global corporations on their programs, while mentoring consultants on how to look at their business in more efficient ways, building high performance habits and utilizing them to generate a 6-figure income in 40k industries

In the process I have built company cultures, led and mentored teams of managers to generate transactions for company marquis clients while increasing company net profits by $2 Million per year

But exactly 10 years ago I was at the lowest point of my life standing in the local grocery store with my 2-year-old son only to realize I don’t have a $20.00 bill in my wallet to buy him food and essentials.

At this very moment I asked myself how am I going to feed my son? The immediate answer was I will find a way. I realized that the world around me was always against me and that I was living my life pleasing others, always seeking for that external validation because I felt guilty.

I had enough!

I am now free!

I found crazy ways to get resourceful and took immediate drastic actions. I claimed my freedom, independence and I am now free.

Had it not been for some great coaches in my life I am note sure I would be here today serving and impacting others.

As you now know, I am a Self Development | High Performance coach. You have heard about life coaches before, but I hate that term because it infers that there is something wrong with your life.

I want to let you in on a little secret -We are taught by society from the minute we are born that we not good enough and that will never be enough – I think that’s’ total BS because every single person on this planet is a miracle. I am a mother of 2 and there are so many things that need to go right for a baby to be born. The fact that you are on this planet alone is a testament of how much of a Warrior you are! Only for people to tell you along the way that you are not good enough?! For many of you, you took the BS messages on and have experienced immense suffering as a result. How do I know? Because my whole life I felt not good enough. But a decade ago I was able to breakthrough and break free from these BS messages and own the fact that I am a Warrior and You are Too!

My purpose is to help others, my vision is to impact as many lives as I possibly can. My goal is to collaborate with other inspiring, motivating, powerful individuals on the journey towards fulfilling my mission to end child hunger.