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Veronica Natzia is the Number 1 Female Life Coach of 2021, Chief Operating Officer of Hudson International, Global High-Performance Speaker, and founder of the internationally accredited and recognized “Double Down” Coaching Methodology and over the past few years she has created one seven-figure coach every 6 weeks(through the 6-week Coaching School), a six-figure Entrepreneur every 2 weeks and helped over 15,000 Entrepreneurs and start-up coaches find their voice and live their passion.

Veronica Natzia’s Coaching Story

I grew up in Israel in a pretty normal working-class family. My parents had pretty different views on life and quite frankly, this was the beauty of their relationship. While my mom thought I would flourish as a doctor, my dad told never stopped reminding me that the world itself is a business place and we are all entrepreneurs.

I like to think that I had a pretty normal childhood and while this is true, I was also able to navigate school fairly easily too.

I moved out of Israel to the United States at 17 and started pursuing my dreams which eventually took me to Canada, somewhere along the road and this, was the beginning of a beautiful life long story that eventually left me homeless with a toddler.

Yep, Homeless.


From Almost Losing My Life to Creating a Life of Impact & Meaning Following this, I had a massive fall from grace…

In late 2010, I lost EVERYTHING

This was like a sucker punch to the gut. Despite all of my hard work in navigating my marriage, building my career in Canada & returning home healthy and well... I pretty much lost it.

Exactly 10 years ago, I was standing in front of the local grocery store, with my 2-year-old son, only to realize I did not have a $20 bill to buy him food or essentials. 

Instantly, I was consumed in shame and fear of motherhood. The fear of being a failed mother. I mean, how bad a mother can you be to lose everything to the point where you can’t give your only kid a roof over his head or a meal in his belly?! 

This was me, standing there, ruminating all this and throwing myself to the wall in the guilt of what I at that time, thought was the beginning of the end of our lives.

I was in an incredible amount of pain and fear and in that very instant, in the barest state of my vulnerability, a question popped up in my head; “Veronica, how are you going to feed your son?” The immediate answer was; I’ll find a way. 

I realized that all along, the problem was not that I didn’t quite know what to do, it was that I was so consumed in satisfying the idea of the woman that everyone else had created in their heads about me that I refused to pursue the truth of the woman that I embodied and lived when all the lights were out and no one was watching. I convinced myself that woman wasn’t good enough, strong enough, experienced enough, valid enough. I convinced myself she needed to hide in the shadows of this woman the society seemed to approve and constantly work my way to pleasing everybody else but, my true, authentic self.  

In that split second, I made a decision that my life had to be about something more than what it had been and it was my duty to myself and my son to heal and live every fiber of my truth, as raw and as authentic as it came. 

My Story In 90 Seconds


Over the next twelve months, I became obsessed with figuring my mind, body and spirit out, whilst learning and growing into a new future.

I submitted myself to coaching programs, learning guides, and A SERIES of conferences across the country. It was always from one seminar to the next and believe me when I say, in this, I learned vital lessons from ridiculous mistakes and decisions I had made and I ensure you that you will not be doing the same.

With a now 3-year-old son and an increasing demand from the world to make provisions and fit the status quo, I learned so much more about my life, my truth, and my uniqueness in that year, than I had in the past years of my life.

In a fair world, nobody would have to go through that but, even though I would think about this often and question the circumstances surrounding my situation, I came to terms with the fact that we aren’t in fact in a “fair” world and people have to earn their place. And if you’re a woman, my age, with a son, you have worked twice as hard to be taken nearly as seriously.

Eventually, as I continued my journey to self-discovery, I ended up in the midst of aspiring coaches and life mentors and that was when it all started to REALLY make sense for the first time.

I realized the uniqueness of my potential and the strength in my difference.

You see, I watched some of these students talk about becoming Life coaches, mentors, and Life guides, and the deeper we went into this conversation and trainings, the more glaring it became to me, exactly who I was and how different my path would be.

I did not want to be a life coach. I mean, just the sound of it would get me so bothered. To me, it meant that there was something wrong with a person’s life that needed to be coached and monitored and quite honestly, this never made sense to me.

I realized that there is purpose in pain and that, in itself is the most powerful driving force, not something that needed to be coached away.

To me, High-Performance Coach seemed more appropriate. The ability to live and be your highest self, through pain and fear.

Even though I had worked with Multi-Million dollar companies in the past, This was my first big revelation of who I truly wanted to become, and for the first time in all these years, I saw myself. I saw my purpose and I loved it!

Something about it was different; just like me and that? Made me love it even more.

"The Force Others See In You Is The
Fear They See Within Themselves "

– Veronica Natzia

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