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Hi, I’m Veronica Natzia. Exactly ten years ago, I was homeless with my 2-year-old son and barely had any hope of shelter, food or survival. Today, I am the number 1 Female Life Coach of 2021, a 7 figure coach, and the COO of a multimillion freight and travel company in North America. 

I provide you with mental liberation and introduce you to your highest self in a step-by-step plan, engineered to take you to boundless financial freedom, while doing the work you love and staying true to your authentic self, with zero performance and maximum satisfaction in self. 

Basically, I help you crack the six and seven-figure code, while maintaining your passion and nurturing your confidence. 

After working with thousands of coaches and building my community of over 3,000 evolved coaches and entrepreneurs, I have found there are five roadblocks most struggle with on this journey. What’s your single biggest challenge right now? 

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#1 Female Life Coach of 2021


Can You Actually Make Money Doing Just The Work You Love?

In short, yes. In the very last stream of the Double Down, 6 week program, 7 of my clients did this in 6 weeks.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. We all have different paths and pursue things differently but, if your passion and your drive is right, be rest assured that my methodology is exactly what you need to engineer you into momentum and who knows? You just might be securing your first 5 figure client in the first 2 weeks, like some of my students.

For instance, Priscilla hit her first big gig in her first month and exactly 2 weeks after that, she secured her podcast deal, launched her first book and within 10 weeks, she had generated over $50,000 in revenue from coaching, writing and speaking.

She is on fire and if I do say so myself, she’s just one, out of over 3,000 empowered, evolved entrepreneurs in my community, living their dreams, fulfilling their passion and making an entire living out of it.

The Making of Legends is a lot more than just a regular coaching session with no practice Manual

Real success is not in the amount of results we have gathered for ourselves but, in the amount of Lives that our results have transformed and our methods have liberated

That’s why IMPACT is at the core of my approach…

The Most Inspiring Career & Life Transitions: Proof From All Of YOU

The fun thing about offering you a course and system that has been around for years (and updated every year since), is that we’ve had well over 3,000 graduates from the program, and so many have gone on to do incredible things. Here are some of our favorite stories…

"Veronica taught me how to feel comfortable, safe and resilient while taking uncomfortable actions"
Angela Hall
-Account manager, Spin Master
"I have not only restored my mission but have given me the confidence to pursue my goal to becoming a judge"
Kim Bilbery
-Assistant public defender
"For the 1st time in my life, I got to see how powerful and worthy I am of goodness"
Natasha Coupland
-Healthy Living Advocate
"For the first time in my life, I feel confident in who I am and what I have to share with the world"
Kim Eneau
-Empowerment Coach
"Veronica's humble nature, and that she gives without expectation of reciprocity is one of her finest qualities and one that is highly suited for leadership"
Rob Abramowitz
-Assistant Director, EY Canada
"Business is about connections. Though out my career I've relied on Veronica to make sure my business transactions were seamless. Veronica DELIVERED"
Chris J. Jackson
-VP Operations, Chervon Group



Who Helps raise 7-figure earning Coaches and Entrepreneurs from doing the work they love.

From raising and training over 3,000 high-income earning coaches and entrepreneurs across the globe, to building a community of empowered, evolved, and liberated women. The most beautiful stories have been told in this movement and the most life-transforming encounters. Women going from barely being able to pay their bills, to hiring staff in their brand new, 6 and 7 figure businesses.

I’d like to help you surpass your expectations too.

It can be done, and I want to help you evolve to a new realm where earning and making a good living does not have to be through doing something you hate or do not like enough. You deserve to be paid handsomely for what you do, and It’s possible to live an abundant, free, and independent life right now doing exactly what you love and living your passion, fully, completely, with no regrets at all.

You’re next in line to score your first 5 figure month, secure your first multi-million dollar client and sign your first big cheque. How do we know? Because we’ve seen it happen consistently with our community of over 3,000 evolved coaches and entrepreneurs.

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